The Journal of Cell Biology - Volume 162, issue 6

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If you've seen one microtubule, you've seen them all. Not true, according to Nakata and Hirokawa, who demonstrate on page 1045 that a unique set of micro- tubules is crucial for protein targeting in neurons.


Vesicles move into the axon on a unique set of microtubules (green).

Journal: The Journal of Cell Biology, vol. 162, no. 6, 2003


Here, we report on the identification of nucleolar spindle–associated protein (NuSAP), a novel 55-kD vertebrate protein with selective expression in proliferating cells. Its mRNA and protein levels peak at the transition of G2 to mitosis and abruptly decline after cell division. Microscopic analy

Journal: The Journal of Cell Biology, vol. 162, no. 6, 2003